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Have you ever fantasized about your wife or girlfriend having sex with another guy? Of course you have! Otherwise you wouldn't be here!

Maybe you'd like to have a mmf threesome, or maybe you just want to sit back and enjoy the action! Either way, we've got guys that would love to fuck your wife.

There are plenty of well hung guys in the Little Rock area than are more than willing and able to show your lady a good time. Even if she's not onboard yet, there are good resources here that you can explore together and spice things up!

This blog is designed to allow cuckold couples to connect with studs in the central Arkansas area. as well as resources for couples to explore and learn about cuckolding.

Couples/Ladies: You can click the "archive" button and review the eligible men. These are denoted with a # and a number in the caption. If the pic doesn't have this, it is property of the internet. If you see a guy that you like and would like to get to know better, let me know by clicking the "Ask" button and giving me the number in the caption and I will promptly give you their email. The rest is up to you! Just remember to be safe. Making the initial meeting at a public place (a bar or restaurant) is a good way to make everyone more comfortable and break the ice.

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Communication Exercise

What, you mean I have to talk to my Hot Wife to get her to fuck other men? You mean she just won’t go out and get cock just because I tell her I want her to?

No, she won’t, unless she truly is a real slut. Most women have to get it straight in their head as to why they’re doing this before they make the leap. The last thing your Hot Wife wants to do is fuck another man and screw up her marriage.

So, you have to prepare your Hot Wife mentally for the experience. Cuckolding is like any other successful relationship and if you want to be happy you have to work at it. By taking the time to do exercises like the one below you will show her you are serious about the cuckold lifestyle.

As with any good cuckold relationship it begins with communication and honesty. The choice to seek the cuckold lifestyle is a wonderful opportunity for couples to enhance their communication. This is not about sex; this is about the relationship and what the both of you want from it.

There is nothing more intimate than sharing your sexuality. It is our experience that this is the most difficult task for couples to do. We all have a secret self and our fear is once we let someone know that secret self, they might not approve of it.

Letting your partner know of your cuckolding desires is a very big risk. Certainly by societal standards it is not considered normal and your wife may think you’re a bit strange. Needless to say the subject has to be handled delicately in the beginning. 

The following is a list questions that each partner can answer or the cuck himself can answer and present them to his wife. You may either do this by pen and pencil or verbally. If you want to make this exercise erotic, then get a tape recorder and tape your answers for your partner to listen too.

This exercise is about risk taking. Think of times when you were the closest as a couple. They were probably times where the both of you took risks together. The risk to have a child, the risk to buy a new home or the risk to start a new career— these are all risks that make us grow as a couple.

The more we open up to our partners the closer we feel to them. By opening up about our sexuality to our partners learn to trust us and we become intimate on a deeper level. We cannot grow as people if we do not take risks.

You will find if you approach your Hot Wife with the idea that the cuckold lifestyle can enhance your marriage and make the two of you more intimate you will get further with her than just asking her to fuck another guy. 

  1. List two reasons why you love your partner and why you appreciate their willingness to enter the lifestyle?
  2. Tell your partner why you want to experience the cuckold lifestyle and how it can enhance the relationship.
  3. What you would do to make sure it enhances the relationship?
  4. Tell your wife what your limits will be in the cuckold lifestyle.
  5. Ask her if she would share her limits.
  6. Discuss with each other expectations that both of you have for each other when your Hot Wife is with another man.
  7. Discuss expectations that you have for her after she is with a man.
  8. What is the most sexually attractive aspect of your Hot Wife?
  9. What do you think is sexy about your Hot Wife that another man would enjoy?
  10. What do you do sexually with your Hot Wife that gives you the most pleasure?
  11. What would you like to do with your wife that would give you the most pleasure?
  12. What do you do sexually with your Hot Wife that you think gives her the most pleasure?
  13. Describe in detail one fantasy you have about your Hot Wife. 

Once you have completed the questions, then be ready to open up to your partner. Experience the type of intimacy that this kind of sharing can create. Start building your foundation as a couple for the lifestyle. The lifestyle is about sharing and opening up to each other. If you do not open up then you run the risk of just fucking other people in the room, devoid of any enhancement between the two of you.

Of course, some people just want to fuck and that’s OK. Nothing is wrong with fucking. We have done some fucking of our own. Fucking is safe and impersonal. We have found though as we have grown as a couple we want a little more in our experiences.

Make time to discuss your answers. Add some romance to the activity—candles, soft music, massage oils, etc.

Cuckold Information

A great resource for all things cuckold related.  Geared towards couples seriously contemplating it.

Remember, this is all about her pleasure…

Remember, this is all about her pleasure…

World Penis Size Map

This breaks down average size by (mostly) every country in the world.  Could prove useful when planning your next vacation!

But What if She Doesn’t Want to Cuckold Me?

There are ways to broach this sensitive topic with a female lover who may not be into sleeping with other men. Also, she may be too in love with you to ever think of you as a cuckold. 

The key to helping your lover see you as a cuckold and not as the alpha male that she married is to become so subservient to her that sexually you become boring. 

Some of those ways include:

  • Waiting on her hand and foot
  • Instead of being the alpha male, let her take the lead
  • Be overly romantic

Encourage her.  She may be feeling embarrassed or even ashamed of what she is about to do.  She needs to know that you support her and will still be there for her.  She needs to trust you and enjoy what may become the most erotic experience of her life.

The Visualiser

This is a pretty cool tool if you want to see how you measure up!

Making it about her and her happiness is crucial to making a cuckold relationship work.  

Making it about her and her happiness is crucial to making a cuckold relationship work.